Optional Service

Shipment of valuable items

1.Common valuable items are mobile phones, PC and communication products, precision tools and instruments.
2.Value declaration is required for the delivery of valuable items and the service charge is set at 1% of the declared value.
3.Items of declared value will be compensated at full value up to the declared value of NT$50,000 per case and the maximum indemnity is NT$3,000 per case.
4.Valuable items must be presented by a messenger to ensure product safety in the course of transportation.
5.The Company reserves the right to reject the declared value of valuable items.

Payment on delivery/Credit card charge service on delivery

1.For home delivery, the receiver must pay in cash, cheque or credit card to settle the price of the merchandises on a payment on delivery basis for transaction security.
2.Commission charge for payment on delivery:
Amount of payment on deliveryCommissionAmount of payment on deliveryCommission
Less than NT$2,000 NT$30 NT$10,001 ~ NT$20,000 NT$120
NT$ 2,001 ~ NT$5,000 NT$60 NT$20,001 ~ NT$50,000 NT$150
NT$5,001 ~ NT$10,000 NT$90 NT$50,001 ~ NT$100,000 NT$300
3.Commission charge for payment by credit card on delivery is set at 2.1% of the amount of payment. (Commission is the lowest in the industry!)
4.It is necessary for the participating banks to approve the credit cards for payment with the issuance of a statement of payment on delivery, and enter into an agreement with the Company. The Company will provide statements online, by fax, or by mail.
5.The upper limit of each transaction is NT$100,000 and a declaration as valuable items is required for items exceeding the amount of NT$10,000. A service charge for value declaration is required.
6.Cheque payment: the Company is not responsible for the credit standing of cheques.

Two-way delivery

1.The delivery of one parcel to the receiver and at the same time pick up a specific parcel for return to the sender.
2.Suitable industries : for all industries in return, exchange of merchandise, exchange of used /repaired items.

Unpacking for joint confirmation

1.When a parcel is delivered to the receiver, the receiver and the delivery staff shall jointly check the contents of the parcel. In case of shortage in quantity or irrelevant items, return the parcel directly.
2.The service charge for door-to-door service at NT$60 and up, and NT$120 for 10 unit capacity.

Small warehousing/Processing

All business locations of the Company can provide warehouse and processing services for the customers, including packaging and label replacement, labeling for shipment, for small and medium corporate customers in logistics service.

Receipt confirmation

1.When a parcel is successfully delivered to the receiver, the receiver shall sign to confirm the receipt of the parcel in appropriate documents such as the waybill, delivery order receipt portion, or the standard receipt of the Company.
2.The receipt will be scanned and a paper version will be sent to the receiver after processing.
3.The service charge for sending back a receipt is NT$30 for each transaction.

Freight collect

The receiver will pay on the delivery of the goods in cash.

Home delivery of refrigerated items

1.Goods will be kept in a professional frozen/refrigerated equipment, and delivery of the goods will be maintained at relevant temperature levels, which is suitable for local specialties, seafood and fresh goods, seasonal fruit and vegetables, beverages, baking needs.
2.Refrigeration temperature at 5℃/Frozen temperature at -18℃.
3.Pre-cooling for at least 6 hours for refrigerated items and for at least 12 hours for frozen items until completely frozen before delivery.

Pharma logistics

1.Duly observe the GDP regulations for professional means of delivery to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
2.Medicine will be delivered at the temperature as stated on the outside packing to ensure the effectivity of the medicine.

Pick up at chain stores

1.Goods could be delivered to a designated store for pick up/payment on pick up. The best time for pick up is next day to the store.
2.The driver for home delivery can pick up the goods at the same time to avoid the inconvenience of split up for smaller packages and filling in different waybills. This is suitable for eCommerce website, and online auction business.
3.SMS message will be sent to alert the receiver on the day of delivery to the store and the next day.
4.The parcel for service should meet the price range and the specifications of the packing carton of the stores.