Package logistics service

1.Upstream materials and manufacturer - provided full truck load service with “container haulage and pallet shuttle”.

2.Midstream processing and finished products - provide logistics support services with “warehouse management and distribution processing”.

3.Downstream retailing and superstores - provide efficient distribution services for “simultaneous arrival at store and inter-store transfer”.

Value-added service

Receipt confirmation
Production of disk production of scanned receipts
Shipment of valuable items
GDP medicine delivery
Point-to-point unpacking
Incoming goods to superstore/unified warehouse
Delivery to department stores
Small warehousing/Processing
Two-way delivery
Pick up/drop off at business locations
Reverse flow of receiving returned goods
Collection on delivery

The advantage of B2B

HCT provides a solution for materials flow and information flow/supply chain management.
From dispersed bulk shipments/pallets of bulk quantity of goods/or transfer of goods, the HCT EDI system could be used for printing out shipment labels and carrying out documentation management quickly and conveniently for tracking the status of delivery, the confirmation of the receipt of goods by signing on related documents, scanning of the receipt documents/writing on CD for filing and inquiry, return or exchange of goods, and all matters related to logistics. HCT helps to handle all these services.

HCT accomplished the mission of simultaneous arrival at the stores/ inter-store transfer.
HCT can handle the distribution of goods to multiple channels and numerous store locations with its densely covered delivery network and can assure the delivery of goods to all these locations simultaneously by noon. This system helps to remove the constraint of delivery by regular truck routes that the goods cannot be delivered to all designated locations at the same time. HCT has a large fleet of trucks for delivery and can help the customers to perform inter-store transfer of goods for the chain stores to reduce the inventory level and enhance the mobility of goods.

HCT helps to solve the problem of cash flow/collection of proceeds.
With its powerful collection function, HCT can directly collect payments from the retailers at the time of delivery. The process is simple and quick with the setup of a remittance cycle to reduce the risk inherent to the management of account receivables and enhance the flexible use of funds.

Make HCT a partner for reducing the cost of planning and resources substantially, mitigate the pressure of credit risks from account receivable and keep a viable level of inventory so that enterprise can concentrate their efforts on their “core business” and expansion of the market.