Cross-border logistics services

Cross-border eCommerce two-way courier services

In the wake of the internationalization of the eCommerce platform, a well-seasoned cross-border logistics team can provide solutions for comprehensive logistics services and two-way services for the cross-border eCommerce platforms including: a diversity of delivery services, warehouse storage services, sorting and repacking of goods, delivery planning and service.

The “One-stop” service of HCT is a solution covering the logistics of the entire supply chain. All the contracted customers will enjoy one package service from the purchase orders placed by the buyers, supply, storage, transport, space reservation, and customs declaration. The diversity of services allows the customers to concentrate on product sale and industrial development. The back-end cumbersome logistics could be handled by HCT with its professional service team. HCT helps customers to optimize operating outputs and reduce the cost of sales.

Cross-border export service

Warehouses in Taiwan offer space for preparing the goods through sorting, arranging and packing by customer order and for transit. This service is ideal for preparing hot items for selling and can provide back-end support in preparing the merchandise in the quantity congruent with the customers’ timely orders. Customized process planning and operations help upgrade the value of logistics for the customers.

Cross-border storage :
The storage system of HCT warehouse is developed by its own management team and is oriented towards the needs of the customers. This is a customized management system that performs the functions of warehouse management, order processing management, inventory management, logistics and distribution management. The customized service allows the sellers in eCommerce to park their merchandises in any of the branch warehouses of HCT in Taiwan where HCT can help them complete the IQC, shelving of goods, inventory management, receiving orders, sorting of orders, review of purchase orders, multiple-channels distribution of goods and all other details in logistics. Sellers in eCommerce can enjoy one-stop logistics and storage services at HCT. Currently, the six major spots in materials flow of logistics emphasized by the sellers and consumers, including the picking up of merchandises, are exhibited in the cloud of the official website of HCT. The window of the system shows the entire course of operations and is available for inquiry of the status of the merchandises, warehousing of merchandise, completion of packing and ready for dispatch, customs declaration for export, flight departure and arrival, customs clearance and the last mile of delivery services. The arrival time of merchandises in every spot is clearly exhibited in the system for viewing

Cross-border re-import service

Overseas cargo consolidation/tallying/packing services and shipping back to Taiwan by courier service with eventual delivery by HCT in Taiwan by next day delivery/motorcycle delivery that quickly brings the merchandises to your hands.

HCT engaged in a joint venture with its partner in China in September 2015 to provide solutions for the buyers in Taiwan in the delivery of merchandise after placing orders with famous eCommerce online shopping platform with the cargos consolidated in China. Buyers just have to choose HCT after placing an order at the online platform, the back-end can check the status of the flow of goods via the official website, and pass through customs clearance in Taiwan, unpack the cargos to relevant logistics systems in Taiwan to complete the service.

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