Medical Logistics

HCT invested NT$1,200 million for the construction of a GDP warehouse no. 2 in 2016 and unveiled the milestone for medicine logistics roadmap.

Storage environment:

  • Advanced automatic temperature/humidity monitoring device to give real-time control of the environment
  • Automatic temperature/humidity adjustment air-conditioning system with real-time warning function
  • Interlocking buffer space to avoid temperature failure and prevent intrusion of injurious insects and assure quality of product

Automatic temperature/humidity monitoring device Automatic temperature/humidity adjustment real-time warning system Interlocking buffer space

Medicine delivery:

  • Temperature control in delivery, abnormality reporting network
  • Operating process is in conformity with the accreditation standards of big international firms.
  • A complete and highly flexible delivery team with high performance in delivery

Temperature control in delivery Professional operating process high flexibility delivery capacity

PIC/s GMP processing service:

  • Clean work environment
  • Packaging of non-prescription medicine into small packets
  • Sealing of packing and insertion of description note

Clean work environment Insertion of description note and sealing Packaging of non-prescription medicine into small packets