Note to Packing

For the safe delivery of the goods, please follow the instructions specified below for the proper packing of the goods.
1. Packing tools and materials

A carton box is the fundamental element for the protection of the goods. The heavier the goods inside, the thicker the carton box should be used for sturdy packing.

Sealing tape is an essential element to make sure the box firmly packed and the contents inside cannot be easily exposed.

Bubble bag could be used inside the carton box for wrapping fragile items so that it could serve as a buffer for absorbing shock in the course of transportation.

Newspapers and scrap papers could also be used as buffer inside carton boxes to reduce possible damage from shock.

Styrofoam is not only suitable for mitigating the shock on the goods but could also be used for insulation.

2. Examples of packing

  • Fragile items: such as tea pot, glass.

    Step1:Prepare a sturdy carton box.

    Step2:Firmly wrap the items with bubble wrap or newspapers. If there are several items in a box, warp them separately.

    Step3:Use sealing tape or a packing belt to seal the carton box.

  • Fruits and vegetables

    Step1:Prepare an empty carton box. Use a styrofoam box for frozen items to avoid warming up the contents.

    Step2:Put old newspapers on the bottom of the box to avoid the fruits or vegetables from cracking when the box is in motion. Use a fruit mesh for wrapping fruits to prevent them from bumping into each other in the course of transportation.

    Step3:Use a sealing tape or packing belt to seal the carton box.