About HCT

Brief on HCT

  Established in 1938, HCT has never ceased to seek innovation and breakthroughs for more than eight decades. Started as a traditional transportation company, HCT has transformed into a modernized integrated logistics firm providing services of materials flow, business flow, cash flow and information flow. In 2013, HCT had revenues of more than NTD 10 billion and the collection of payment from customers amounted to NTD 20 billion. Indeed, HCT is the leading brand of logistics services in Taiwan.

  HCT introduced the BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) in 2000 and invested NTD 4 billion for this purpose. Electronization, mobilization, automation, barcode system, OCR record inquiry and 3,000 portable terminal devices have been launched. In 2009, HCT introduced the 3G portable terminal device to activate the ubiquitous hearty service. Furthermore, HCT has provided delivery services for small items, by motorcycles and by vehicles with frozen compartments. In 2016, HCT introduced an innovative automated dimensions identification system, automated cargo sorting for small items and facial identification system that helped improve the efficiency of the platform operations. The internalization of the organization helps bolster its core competence and continues to differentiate it from industry peers at a significant level. With a fleet of 3,000 delivery vehicles, HCT delivers an average of 400,000 pieces of goods daily and responds to approximately 200,000 counts of customer visits in the arrangement of logistics services for around 70,000 customers. Through shop delivery, home delivery, valuable item delivery and the collection of payment services at a professional level, HCT helps the customers accomplish the essential tasks at the last mile in the supply chain.

  Highly Confident Transportation constitutes the ceaseless innovations and breakthroughs of HCT in providing high quality and high efficiency professional logistics services. HCT emerged as an integrated logistics service firm through the integration of materials flow, business flow, cash flow and information flow. In addition, HCT also transcended to marketing channel logistics and upgraded from a professional 3PL to a distribution services Solution Provider 4PL. An innovative mode of logistics services has been introduced through which merchandise will be matched to the proper channels and the channels will be matched to the appropriate merchandise. Services like commodity logistics, accounts receivable and trading are also available. In the wake of the thriving development of international logistics and cross-border logistics, HCT established an international operations department in December 2013 that helped pioneer the flow of attractive items of Taiwan to the markets of China and Southeast Asia.

  With its differentiated innovative services, HCT helps customers create a competitive edge and pioneer the application of technology. It also provides integrated logistics services that satisfy the needs of customers and the solutions for the supply chain. The successful corporate model enabled HCT to be cited as a case study in the “Blue Ocean Strategy in Taiwan” in 2004; in the ACRC (Asia Case Research Center) in 2007, a publication edited by the University of Hong Kong; in the index of the National Science Foundation; and presented in the “Taiwan Management Case Center” (TMCC) at the authorization of the Company in 2009. In the same year, HCT was awarded the Taiwan Superior Commercial Service Brand from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In recent years, HCT switched its notion of innovative services to the focus on the customers’ needs. Its breakthrough in mindset enabled the Company to win the 2nd National Industrial Innovation Award – Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2012. This is indeed the recognition of the efforts that HCT has made.

  For more than a decade, HCT never forgot its birthplace, Hshinchu. As a matter of thanksgiving to its birthplace, HCT spares no efforts in social causes, including the long-term support of 藍天家園 (Bluesky Home, the home for the settlement of youths), 世光教養院 (the Shih Guang Educational and Nursing Institution, rehabilitation center for fatal disabilities), 方濟托兒所 (nursery garden for the aboriginal people), 華光智能中心 (the Catholic Hua Kuang Center, center for the physically and mentally retarded), and others, through the donation of books. HCT express its concerns for the local community and contributes to social charity and works in collaboration with United Way in setting up transit stations of materials donation for delivering the daily items and goods with short service life to the institutions and organizations in need. During the Chinese New Year of 2017, the Hsinchu County Government and the subsidiaries of the Yeangder Group offered New Year dishes to the homes of the socially vulnerable groups with the help of the professional home delivery services of HCT to share the passion and warmth with everyone.

  HCT is thriving in Taiwan consistently, it has emerged as a world leading brand in logistics. In addition to providing hearty services to the customers, HCT hopes to provide full-range solutions for its customers in the supply chain, so that both sides are the winners. This is also an input to the competitive power of Taiwan.

Quality Policy

  • Speedy (organization purpose)
  •   Swiftly respond to industrial and channel change, adjust organization operation to meet customer's demands.

  • Safe、Precise (commitment to quality)

      To safely and securely meet customer's demands in logistic, information flow, and cash flow

  • Sincere (customer expectation)
  •   Sincere service is where customer satisfaction starts, and is the key point to it.

Brand Building