Calculation of Dimensions

Dimension is calculated by the length, width and height of the exterior carton box.

Calculation of flat type/long type parcels

  • Maximum length x maximum width of flat type parcel ÷900
  • Maximum length of long type parcel ÷30
For goods of irregular shape or cylindrical shape, the maximum length (diameter), width (diameter), height of the external dimension for calculation
1 unit capacity =30.3cm x 30.3cm x 30.3cm =10Kg
Conversion of measurement from cm to unit capacity = length (cm) * width (cm)* height (cm) /27,000 [unconditionally round to the nearest integer]
※Loosely packed goods will be calculated by dimension for conversion into the unit capacity. Dense objects will be calculated by weight for conversion into the unit capacity. The freight will be charged based on the greater the calculation results of the two.