Training and Development

『People』 is fundamental to HCT!

For this reason, HCT commits massive human resources, cost and time on the training and career development of staff members or employees. There are four major categories of programs for this purpose:

  1. Orientation of new employees:Each new employee receives appropriate training programs from the beginning for quick adaptation into the new work environment.
  2. On-the-job training :The Company provides suitable education and training for the employees by individual personality traits and career planning objectives and the nature of their duties for the development of employees in the future.
  3. Professional training:The Company provides lectures on different topics such as leadership, project management and others to help them strengthen their professional skills and more competitive.
  4. Self-Development:The purpose is to develop professional personnel in a full-range through the planning of training beyond diverse ways and off-the-job training so that the employees can properly develop themselves and share the growth with the HCT.