Shipment Information

Forward Logistics (Home delivery)

Room temperature parcel delivery for companies and business entities, eCommerce and personal parcel delivery.

Forward Logistics (Corporate delivery)

Room temperature parcel delivery in bulk for factories, logistics warehouse, companies and business entities except for small size parcels. Delivery service with pallets, small sacs and small parcel are available.

Forward Logistics (Pick up from a third location for delivery)

The consignor/ sender notifies the driver to pick up parcels at a third place warehouse for delivery.

Reverse Logistics (Receiving and return of goods)

The driver will pick up the goods for return from the customer ordered for return of goods and deliver the goods to a designated location, which is suitable for a sale return in eCommerce and the return of goods from the firms.

Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain equipment and temperature controlled vehicles are used in the entire course of transportation. Service for delivery of goods stored at 0℃~7℃ and also frozen at -15℃ are available in a professional manner for local specialties, sea foods and fresh goods, seasonal fruit and vegetables, beverages, baking needs.
Refrigerated items should be pre-cooled for at least 6 hours and frozen items must be pre-frozen for at least 12 hours before referring to delivery.

Pharma logistics

Part III of the GDP will be the highest principle for the delivery of medicine and medical devices with the establishment of a quality policy for medicine to materialize GDP regulations, perform corporate social responsibility, and upgrade the safe use of medicine. Carriers at 15℃~25℃ will be arranged for the delivery of medicine for the entire course of transportation to ensure quality and safety.